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Directions to Guesthouse Kobako
  • As you walk along Okazakimichi Street to the South, on your right you will pass the Gardens of Heian Jingu Shrine
  • Then you will see the sign for "関西美術院 (Kansai Bijutsuin)"
  • Turn left to the alley leading our guesthouse, opposite the Kansai Bijutsuin
  • Note that the alley is between Ayano-koji(Japanese classical goods store) and Okunian (Soba noodle restaurant)
  • From Kanpo-kaikan, walk past 4 buildings on Okazakimichi Street for North
  • Just South of Grill Kodakara
By public transportations
  • From the Sanjo Keihan station: Come out of the station and get the Number 5 City Bus (to Iwakura Soshajo-mae), and get off at the Dobutsuen-mae stop
  • From the Jingu Marutamachi station: Get the Number 204 (to Kitaoji Sta.) or 93 (to Kinrin Shako-mae) city bus, and get off at Okazaki

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Guide to Tourist attractions

Spots Distance
Heian Jingu Shrine Just one-minute walk
Kyoto City Zoo, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art 5-minutes walk
Kyoto University, Doshisha University, Kyoto University of Art and Design 5-10mins by bike
(It's suitable for students in Kyoto and people planning to take schooling here)
Nanzen-ji Zen Temple, Ginkaku-Ji 5-minutes by bike
Ginkaku-Ji 15-minutes by bike
Downtown spot Distance
Shijo-kawaramachi 10-minutes by bus, also 10-minutes by bike
Ponto-cho, Gion 5-minutes by Keihan-densha railway 15-minutes by bike
Renting a bike is highly recommended When you travel around the city!
Keihan-densha railway

You can have easy access to Uji ot Osaka.
Keihan Line
Directions to nearest stations and bus stops

Kyoto Station Bus terminal(A1)Bus Station
Number 5 to Doubutsuen-mae (about 20mins) 220yen
D1Raku-Bus Number 100 to Doubutsuen-mae (about 20mins) 220yen
Shijo-kawaramachi(9)Bus Stop
Number 5 to Doubutsuen-mae (about 20mins) 220yen
(9) Number 32 to Doubutsuen-mae (about 15mins) 220yen
From Shijo-kawaramachi to the guesthouse, it costs about 900yen
If you come by your car: There is a Parking (Okazaki-koen parking) near the guesthouse at a cost of 500yen for 30mins (up to 1300yen)
Information about Parkings (In Japanese)

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